Buy Best gimbals for GoPro

Top 10 best gimbals for GoPro in 2019: Buyer’s Guide

Splurging money on secondary devices one might think a hundred times, tens of questions arrive before losing the pocket on secondary things, the term secondary things means which are for support for a chief device such as a stand for a cell-phone, gimbal used in ships such as gyroscopes, compasses or drink holders are all gimbals, basically one which provide sufficient support to the device to move free on a single axis.

Best gimbals for GoPro in 2019: Buyer’s Guide

Buy Best gimbals for GoPro

Anyone would prefer buying economical handy support for their expensive device so that it would not shatter or mutilated by external forces, but a secondary device should be also robust enough to bear the external consequences. So not equally expensive support case one should buy for their high priced device but also not so cheap that it would break. If we take an illustration, for the high-resolution professional camera, the professionals also needed the rotating gimbals which can work, rotate according to them.

Nowadays cameras have become a lifeline, and more compact and advanced too, not only professionals but photography passionate carry with them cameras and gimbal for stabilized pictures, videos. So, which are the top 10 best gimbals for GoPro? Excited to know? We are excited to tell you, so let’s start the journey.

What a Gimbal do?

Besides rigid support it can also do several other functions such as:

  • Avoids the shaken footages as compared to shooting with hands
  • Flexible hand free shooting
  • Tilt Working Angle:-90 ~ 180° (vertical handheld)
  • Comes with a warranty card and portable charger
  • Easily rotatable on a horizontal axis
  • Captures a stable video and images
  • Advanced technology equipped Bluetooth gimbal is highly useful

Here, we will discuss more about best gimbals for GoPro Cameras, which will bring wisdom to your mind if you are thinking to buy a gimbal. By going through this article one would see the difference among different types of gimbals and their market price:

1) Wings land 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal:

  • Compatible with a lot of go-pro cameras with 4 different modes
  • Have 2 rechargeable batteries, capture up-to 5 hours without interruption
  • Four Different Modes such as Pitching Lock, Following 1, Following 2, and Trick Photography.
  • The mounting tray supports the addition of the Go-Pro LCD bacpac and battery bacpac if desired.
  • The Wingsland ViPRO H comes complete with a charger, USB charging cable, and a Li-Ion Batteries good for 5 hours of extended battery life.
  • Price: $75/-


2) Sutefoto SP-G6

  • Easy setup and have 33g weight
  • Work with cameras and smartphones
  • Have a silicon body with a 4-way joystick controller
  • Intelligent built-in control features
  • Accurate face recognition and great speed, the intelligent control features allow to take perfect 180° & 360° panoramas also the gimbal do face tracking, follows the direction of a person’s movement automatically, so perfect for shooting.
  • Rechargeable batteries last for 6 hours
  • Price: INR 9080/-


3) Sutefoto S-40:

  • Black colored handheld device
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Controlling Ways: All actions done by two buttons and 4-way joystick controller, on/off and zoom switches on the gimbal, in other way, can control it via downloaded APP in your Bluetooth-enabled phone
  • Aluminum body and can bear camera weight upto 6.61 lb
  • Price: INR 9040/

4) FeiyuTech Waterproof Gimbal:

  • Used in rain or underwater photography and video coverage
  • When sound recording is done through this, some sound may interrupt
  • Compatible with several action cameras
  • Have enabled wifi and Bluetooth
  • Exchangeable Camera for Holder, the 3 Slide Arm have angle 360 Degree and Rolling angle 320 Degree
  • Can shoot from sunrise till sunset with large capacity battery the runtime can be up to 12 hours
  • Black color slim body
  • Price: INR 28000/-

5) Removu S1 3-Axis stabilizer:

  • Designed for the beginner as it is very easy to use the features
  • Compact to carry
  • Its 3-Axis stabilized gimbal offers PAN, FOLLOW, LOCK modes.
  • The device is Manufactured with super-ab brush-less DC motors and rotary sensors,
  • this S1 serve extremely stable professional shots in any kind of weather
  • REMOVU S1 is termed as the world’s first hand-held and mountable gimbal. The S1 is easily detachable from the body which transforms the S1 into a mountable gimbal that can get attached on any Go-Pro compatible system, which is itself a unique thing.
  • Built in 4 way joystick feature with 3 different shooting modes, to enhance the photography
  • Price: INR 4400/-

6) Hohem 3 axis:

  • The Bluetooth smartphone app can be used to control its action
  • A high-quality case with aluminum covering
  • Handheld the device with a rechargeable battery that can run for 12 hours
  • Remote Control, Automatic Fast Calibration, Firmware Upgrade, and Custom Multi-Motion Parameter Can Be Done On “Hohem Gimset” APP
  • Price: INR 14000/

7) Zhiyun Rider-M wearable 3-Axis:

  • A compact device only to hold cameras
  • It comes with 4 rechargeable batteries, USB cable, and a storage case
  • Pitch axis mechanical movement range:-185 degree to 130 degree
  • Horizontal translation pan axis mechanical movement range: -45degree to 45 degree
  • Price: INR 35000/-

8) EVO- GP Pro

  • Have simply design with no noise response
  • have a rechargeable battery life up to 5 hours
  • used only for go-pro cameras
  • Its 3-Axis allows to effortlessly shoot pro-quality, cinematic footage.
  • Easy Setup just Plug & Play.
  • Price: INR 24000/-

9) XSories GMBL3A013 X-Steady Electro:

  • Its 1-Axis camera stabilizer is for Horizontal smooth movement
  • Can be used for 8 hours continuously
  • Its Box includes a stabilizer, charging cable, mounting hardware for GoPro, cameras, smartphones, user manual, warranty card of the 90-day warranty
  • Price: INR 7000/-

10) DJI Ronin M-3 Axis:

  • Used by professionals for video shooting from a great height
  • Supports Bluetooth and have 3 operational modes
  • Have a USB slot
  • Its market Price is 126,234/-

Some are highly lavish with their price tag and some are economical but both have their unique feature and work well with action cameras or a smartphone.

The GO-Pro camera gimbal is easily available in online e-marketplace, if you want to capture a thriller action stunt, a mountain rain or any other nature’s deadly views these gimbal can provide a lot more than just a support. Before purchasing a proper research is necessary to satisfy all desires you wish to get in an item.

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